Since the remodeling was being done to accommodate my handicap I made it clear during the planning phase that I was prepared to sacrifice appearance for the sake of function. Both you and the architect tried to assure me that the exterior of the house would look just fine. Was I ever wrong and did you and the architect prove yourselves to be masters of understatement! The house looks just beautiful. Without exaggerating dozens of people (most of whom I didn’t know) have expressed their admiration of the way the house looks. You flawlessly blended the new construction with the old structure that several people actually thought it was a brand new building!

The entire crew of craftsmen you engaged can only be described as superb. They voluntarily went beyond doing just what the plans called for and started to “think handicapped”. They made a number of innovative suggestions that were quickly and happly accepted. I won’t even try to comment on pride they take in their craft because the quality of their completed work is far more eloquent than I could ever be. Above and beyond their professionalism, they were just plan pleasant to work with.

Before you get a swelled head from all the praise, let’s remember that it was I who performed the single most important act of this whole project: The selection of Craft Master to do the work.

Ruth West

In this day an age it is rare to find someone as yourself who works in such a professional manner and takes pride along with profit in the final result. Thanks again for a great job.

Paul & Susan Giovannini

Just a note to thank you for your expertise and warm congenial service in helping us with our new and beautiful scond floor. The extra space and your added ideas for the design of the area was right on the mark. We love hanging around the upstairs, no need to come downstairs except to eat.

It’s very hard describe to people what all of us actually constructed so the invitation is out to everyone, Come on over and take a look. It is just amazing that the added construction has given us a huge new bathroom, a modern contemporary style bedroom, a little office and a great view of our backyard. What can I say; it all came to fruition because of you and your team craftsmen.

Thank again for helping to put together a new home without touching the first floor. It’s the best of booth worlds, rustic on the first floor and contemporary on the second.

Dave & Diane

I just wanted to write to thank all of you for the great job you did on my kitchen. It came out even more beautiful than I had expected. All your hard work was truly appreciated.

Eileen Papierowicz

Thanks for doing a great job and making this experience as painless as possible. All your efforts and work has been greatly appreciated.

Caryn & Jay

Over the past eight years Craft Master Builders Corp. has expanded my home upward, put in replacement windows, a new roof and, most recently, a new kitchen extension. All work was done within the time specified and at the agreed upon price. The work is of the highest quality. The workers are very conscientious and courteous.

Eileen Papierowicz

My husband and I want to tell you how pleased we were with the recent renovations you did on our house. Your work was excellent and your crew polite and professional. As you know we have had trouble with contractors in the past and it was nice to know that there are contractors who take pride in their work and stand behind it even when the job is over. The little problems that came up after the job was over were handled just as quickly as when you were here.

Thank you for an excellent job and one that was made as painless as possible.

Diane LeBlanc

It was a pleasure to work with all of your “craftsmen”. They were polite, good and above all “listeners”

Siva Lucien Bliss

From the inception of our project, Craftmaster did a five star job. Their service was dependable, friendly and honest. Craftmaster’s attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs was always met. Craftmaster’s performance is a prime example of quality work and extraordinary customer service.

Ann & Les Lawrence

We want to thank you for a job well done. The extension of our family room that you added on to our house came out just beautiful. Your work was done professionally and promptly. We will recommend your services to anyone in need of them.

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rotouds

“We couldn’t be more please with the workmanship and professionalism of the entire Craft Master crew. They treated our home as if it were there own. We highly recommend Craft Master for any renovation or new construction project.”

Donald & Ev Minick

Craftmaster has proven with its years of experience how they can complete a task with skill and dedication to the trade. Our 100 year old home was flooded with 12 feet of sea water from Hurricane Sandy and needed to be entirely renovated. Ed and Greg Nipoti quickly accessed the urgent needs to have the project up and running quickly and productively. Despite the disadvantage of no start up money and the knowledge that financing the project was at the mercy of the insurance company they showed no hesitation working with us. They spoke with complete honesty and used their knowledge to give us what we asked with the reconstruction, Every little detail was discussed with us and options and opinions were given to ensure the perfect choices were made to suit our needs within our budget. With no time their crews had the once wrecked house looking like a home again. Within the flood zone we heard many construction horror stories, but we were fortunate enough o find fair and honest contractors that make quality and workmanship the priority. It was a pleasure to work hand and hand with these men who proved the home owners needs always come first.

Bruce and Kei Mullen