Family-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Family-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Family-Friendly Upgrades for Your Home Renovation

Your home is one of your most important investments. It’s also where you’ll likely spend the most time together with loved ones. Every household is different, and its needs continue to change over time. By thinking about your current needs and plans, remodeling projects can ensure your home stays family-friendly well into the future.

When we think of “family-friendliness,” we tend to think “safe and accommodating for kids” and “durable enough to survive.” These are important considerations if you are a couple with young kids, for example, but getting down to the basics can help you see your home’s potential in every phase of your family’s life.

To do this, reflect on big-picture possibilities for both indoor and outdoor home renovations, how space is laid-out and how that could change for the better, what materials make sense, and how safety factors into your designs. Here are some ideas we recommend:

Indoor/Outdoor: Sometimes, the best home renovation is one that will give your family more space to grow or more useful space for activities that you enjoy.

  • Additions can be a great way to make sure that everyone has their own bedroom or that your home has a dedicated space for family activities.
  • Socializing is a big part of enjoying time as a family, and a new deck or patio can be a great way to take advantage of outdoor spaces around your home.
  • Making bathrooms and kitchens more user-friendly for everyone in your family can go a long way toward aligning your home with your family’s needs.

Layout: There are also times when you simply need to reconfigure the ways that you are using the space that you have.

  • Kitchens can become a family-friendly space where you teach children to cook or share meals.
  • Bathrooms can be converted to offer more convenience and efficiency as kids outgrow baths and start to prefer showers.

Materials: Thinking about durability and ease of maintenance makes sense when you have young children.

  • Marble countertops are beautiful, but quartz, stainless steel, and butcher block all stand up to wear and tear better.
  • Semi-gloss paint makes clean-up a breeze when spills or dirty handprints are a fact of life.

Safety: Whatever your family’s needs, safety should always be part of your design when renovating your home.

  • Rounded corners on kitchen counters make sense when they are at eye or forehead-level for some family members.
  • A walk-in or roll-in bath or shower can make bathing safer and more comfortable for aging loved ones or family members facing mobility challenges.

Let Craft Master Builders Help You Design a Family-Friendly Home Renovation

At Craft Master Builders, we work with clients at every step of the renovation process to make sure that they are getting results that match their vision. We take time to listen to all of your goals for the project and offer advice based on our years of industry experience. When you work with our team of licensed and insured professionals, you know that you’ll be getting the industry’s best quality products, and we take pride in making your vision come to life. Contact us today!

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